New beginnings

Ah, a new blog. What does this mean? Well creating a new blog means that (1) I got bored and decided to create a fresh new look and (2) I have a feeling there is going to be a fair amount of ideas and wonderings that I would like to write about in the coming months/years.

As I briefly mentioned in my ‘who am I?’ page, I have recently come through (and am currently in) a time of transition. It has been a long number of months worth of transition, but it has been good. Through it all, I keep on saying, the Lord is good. Without boring anyone with a lengthy detailed story of my life in these past few months, I will say that through all the changes and transition, the Lord has been leading us (Chris and I) to a good place. A place where life isn’t necessarily comfortable in the eyes of the world, but it is good. It is good because it is a place where the Lord is. Why would I want to be anywhere else?

Anyways, this is a little intro to this new blog of mine. As I begin a new ministry, have new experiences, travel to new places, and meet new people, I hope to share my learnings, my challenges, my joys and more. Otherwise, I will just end up having two blogs that I don’t use, instead of just one.

Until next time,

– nyssa ariel

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One Response to New beginnings

  1. Neat blog Nyssa… You don’t work at Tyndale anymore? What ministry are you and Chris doing now? I love transition periods.. I am excited for you to see the fruit of your obedience to Gods call.

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