Entering into the Unknown: Reflections on Campus Ministry

Well hello long lost blog that has been neglected. With the emergence of the photo blog, this word blog has taken a major backseat. That needs to change. My apologies. Here is an update that should have been given much earlier:

I’m now working on campus! And have been for about 3 weeks now. Crazy times. It felt like this would never come. It felt like I would be fundraising full time forever, without actually doing the thing I was fundraising for. While I am still fundraising (and will always be), I get to be on campus and engage in ministry there. Or at least try to figure out what ministry at Guelph can look like. I am loving being on campus and meeting with students, but at the same time, it’s a weird/intriguing/intimidating season to be in. I am in a new and unknown place, with new and unknown people, trying to start something new and unknown. To be honest, this really isn’t something that I’m all too comfortable with. But the goal is that this would soon be a place that I would know well and would become my home (while still being a bit displaced – but more on that later). And that those people who where once strangers, would be known as friends.

It can be a little (or a lot) unnerving, but at the same time it’s super fun, exhilarating, and hopeful. Right now I get to explore campus, discover who these students are and what makes them tick, and to open-endedly ask the Lord what His heart and hope is for this campus and these students. I must say, it’s a pretty awesome job. I’m anticipating that the Lord is going to do some pretty wonderful/crazy/awe-inspiring things on this campus (in addition to what He is already doing there to be sure). This is a journey that I am so happy to have been able to begin. Even if it’s on a very part time basis at the moment, this won’t hold back the things that the Lord would want to accomplish even this semester at Guelph through this ministry.

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